The birth story of my little angel

5/10/2015 was the EDD of my little angel but nothing happened that day - only some practice surges (Braxton Hicks). The practice surges are more pronounced during the night but every time we thought that’s the real deal, the surges would stop around 6amso we knew it was another false alarm. This happened from a few days prior to EDD till on 6/10/2015, I suddenly heard a ‘pop’ sound and felt a gush of liquid. Thinking that my membrane might have released (water bag broke), I awakened my husband Jeff to get ready while I took a shower. When we reached the hospital, the nurse checked only to find my cervix is 1.5cm dilated and there was no more leak. However, just to be sure if those were amniotic fluid, the doctor kept me there for observation for a day only to send me home after she confirmed it was not membrane release.

After being discharged from the hospital, we went for breakfast nearby. The next few days turned out to be a waiting game. Whenever I felt a surge, I would get excited but after a few hours, the surges would stop. It was so disappointing. 

On 8/10/2015, I saw some brownish discharge so I called Bee Ting to confirmed if it was birth show. She said yes and that made me very happy so I knew finally the body was starting to do its work. However, the surges never came. On 11/10/15, when we went for our regular checkup, the doctor did a vaginal exam to find my cervix 2cm dilated. The doctor recommended that I insert the Foley’s balloon which is drugfree way to induce labor and get my cervix dilated to 4cm. We inserted it around 2pm. Around 5pm, the balloon fell out. There was no special feellings, I just felt some mild discomfort in my pelvic area. The surges are more frequent now.

When I was sleeping at night, I felt a suddden gush of water flowed out. This time, my sanitary pad was soaked. I was very sure my membrane had released so I asked Jeff to fetch me to the hospital. While in the car, I could feel water leaking. When we admitted to the hospital, the nurse checked and said I was 5cm dilated. I was very happy and was sent to the labor ward. The nurse told us to walk more or go take a shower. However, every time I had a surge, I felt discomfort on my inner thigh. Despite that, I went downstaits for a stroll with Jeff, hoping that it would hasten the labor. However, after 6 hours, there was little progress and we had to transfer to the normal ward to wait. That was around 10pm.
When we were at the normal ward, suddenly I felt the surges became more frequent and more intense. The discomfort at my inner thigh was so intense that I could not stand. So we inform the nurses and was transferred once again to the labor room. The surges were consistent and I utilised the breathing techniques we learnt in HypnoBirthing classes to relax and greet each surge. Finally I dilated from 7cm to 10cm.

At that point, the surges were even more frequent and I felt like I want to poo. That was the birthing phase and I kept pushing for what felt like a long time and finally my baby’s head was out. The nurse went to call the doctor and finally my little princess was born. We had immediate skin to skin bonding - the three of us. She laid on my chest calmly and only cried a few cries at birth. I breastfed her afterwards and she was able to suckle very well - awesome! We only cut her umbilical cord after the birth of my placenta so that she can get all those precious cord blood. The whole process took 25 hours but I was able to achieve a natural birth - completely drug free, no episiotomy- completely natural! My little princess was born on 13/10/2015, 8 days after her EDD.

I am grateful for the chance to attend HypnoBirthing class with Bee Ting Ng. Also I am thankful to have met a doctor who is supportive of HypnoBirthing - Dr Tan Ee Ping and thanks to the midwives and nurses for their gentle support and encouragement during the birthing process. Most of all, big thank you to my husband, Jeff Wang, for always being with me so that I can persist till the very end.