ClubMed Bali – That’s Where We Want to Be

My husband and I have always enjoyed going on holidays. I mean, who doesn’t? After spending days on deadlines, tasks, errands and household duties, going on a holiday is a way to relax and break away from stress and routine.

But when our little one arrived early this year, we somehow knew that travelling will never be the same. We first experimented with a quick getaway within the city, followed by a road trip to another state. The tons of things we had to cram into our suitcase were unbelievable.

Baby food. Check. Baby toiletries. Check. Bottle warmer. Check. Baby potty. Check. Sterilizer. Uh ok. Bath tub. What?! Baby cot. You must be kidding me.

A lot of hassle? I know. But there’s no way to travel light with your little one.

And couple time is out as well unless your babysitter is coming along too. (Sneer face)

But don’t get me wrong. I love family holidays. It may not be easy with a baby but it’s important to take time to create memories together during a holiday when your mind is not distracted by work or day to day, but solely on spending quality time with your precious ones. You just need to find the right holiday destination to go.

And we did.



The pioneer of premium all-inclusive holidays, Club Med, has 48 unique resorts worldwide with 42 of them providing childcare facilities such as the Baby Welcome package and children’s club for all ages. 

One of them is Club Med Bali, which ranked 4th of top 25 hotels in Indonesia for families in 2015, and 5th in 2016 by TripAdvisor, and I can see why.

My husband and I were very selective with our first family holiday abroad. With our young one in mind, we wanted a holiday resort that offers more than just a high chair when it boasts about being baby friendly. We also wanted a holiday resort that takes care of everything – from our meals, accommodation, entertainment, to activities and airport transfers.

After some research, we chose Club Med Bali for our stress-free holiday.  

Here’s why.

1) Everything for Baby

Club Med loves babies and want them to feel at home. They love the parents even more by providing a complimentary Baby Welcome Package (upon reservation for babies 0-23 months old only) to make their lives easier and holiday more convenient. So, imagine my delight when the following package greeted us in our room.

  • A playpen / crib
  • A thermos water bottle (1.5 Litre)
  • A baby toiletries kit (shampoo, lotion, baby oil & baby powder)
  • A bottle warmer
  • A baby bath tub
  • A small bottle sterilizer
  • A baby potty

Babies’ meals are taken care of too, as there is a Special Baby Zone in the Agung Buffet Restaurant where you can help yourself with jars of sweet and savoury baby food, yogurt and milk. It also has a microwave oven to prepare meals or heat up food for my baby. Bottle washing facilities and bottle sterilizer are also available. How convenient!

With 8 boxes checked, we can now say we did travel light with our baby.

Childcare Service at Baby Club Med*

Specially catered to the youngest guests, Baby Club Med is created exclusively for babies aged four months to 23 months. During our stay, my 8-month-old baby slept, ate and played with his new friends, Jim and Martin, at the Baby Club. They were supervised by Baby Club Manager, Natalia Tureay, who is a certified midwife. The team also consists of Lina and Bryan, certified nurses, who were trained in basic life support and in childcare. The one to three, G.O to baby ratio, gave my husband and I peace of mind that our baby was in good hands while we snuck away to enjoy couple time by the beach and in Mandara Spa.

Now, who needs the babysitter to come along… (wink)

(*At extra cost)

2) Children Club for All Ages

From arts and crafts, singing and dancing, to adventures and discoveries, children of all nationalities and ages, come together to make new friends and partake in activities enthusiastically in a safe environment under the supervision of the G.Os.

These clubs include Baby Club Med (4 – 23 months), Petit Club Med (2 – 3 years), Mini Club Med (4 – 10 years) and Club Med Passworld & Juniors’ Club Med (11-17 years).

3) Accommodation with Refined Comfort

Our suite with balcony was a haven. Not only was it spacious, the authentic Balinese architecture combined with modern essentials, made us feel inviting. Club Med Bali also has deluxe and club rooms that are equally cosy and comfortable for couples and families.

4) All Gourmet Meals & Snacking

Meal times were the best. The delectable cuisines in the main Agung Buffet Restaurant were sublime. What gastronomic adventure we had indulging in its wide array of international buffet spread. We also enjoyed fine dining experience at The Deck, where gourmet late breakfast, late lunch, late dinner and a la carte dinner were served.

5) Night Entertainment & Parties

When the night falls, the stage and party floors come alive. We were blown away by the different stage performances put up by the G.Os every night such as the circus and trapeze shows. And while guests continued to dance the night away at the parties by the beach or main bar that followed right after, we retreated to bed early. But vowed to join in, in future when our little one is older.

6) A Wide Selection of Sports & Leisure

While the kids are busy enjoying themselves in their clubs, parents are free to engage in the 60 types of sports available in Club Med Bali – from flying trapeze, golf, sailing, kayaking, archery, to snorkeling, the list is endless. For the less adventurous like my husband and I, unwinding in the tranquil Zen pool or be pampered in the exotic Mandara Spa, are some great ways to revive and rejuvenate.

7) Unique Local Cultures

We may have missed this but guests are welcome to discover the Balinese culture through the excursions and creative activities such as local dance lessons and cooking workshops, organized by the resort for them.

8) Airport Transfers

Transfers between the airport and the resort were sorted out for us. That’s the beauty of choosing an all-inclusive holiday destination like Club Med.

The next time you come up with excuses such as no time to plan your holiday itinerary, no idea where to dine, yet you want an unforgettable holiday experience where your family spends quality time together in a safe compound, Club Med is the place to be.

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