Baby’s choice - Hospital Lotus Birth

PictureWhen I was pregnant with my eldest, my view of pregnancy and birth was that giving birth and nurturing children are in a woman’s nature. It is supposed to happen naturally. Little did I know that due to the advances in medical science, I felt totally helpless in the labor room. I was subject to lots of interventions - artificial induction, episiotomy and eventually due to the inability to tolerate the intensity of the contraction pains, I ended up with an epidural for pain relief. Is this a natural birth? How come it did not feel natural at all? These were all my doubts lurking in my heart after that first birth experience.

When I was pregnant the second time, I read about HypnoBirthing through some sharing by some mums online. I contacted Bee Ting (HypnoBirthing Educator)and subsequently signed up for HypnoBirthing class in Petaling Jaya. After which, I would occasionally share with my husband and mother the birth stories and birth videos available online. I said to my husband, “This is the birth experience I want. You must take the time to come for classes with me. Let us have a beautiful birth memory together.” Through HypnoBirthing classes, we have a better understanding of the birthing process, that it is possible to achieve a drug-free birth in a much more gentle way to welcome our baby into the world. Besides that, Bee Ting also shared about childbirth memory leaving an indelible imprint on babies. When I heard that, I told my baby and I that I will definitely give my baby a beautiful, calm and gentle childbirth memory.

Secret Wish - Home lotus birth
When I was 37 weeks pregnant, I consulted Wai Han about home birth. The reason for thinking about a home birth came from my mother. My mother has birth to my sister at home. She did not attend HypnoBirthing class and never learnt calm and relaxing breathing techniques but she was able to birth my sister at home. I thought that I could do the same.

Welcoming Baby
11 Oct 7.00 am When I went to the toilet, I discovered I had a birth show. I was very excited, thinking that my baby was very punctual. I had earlier negotiated with him that since Daddy will be outstation and the confinement nanny is not available yet to take care of us, he should make his appearance after Oct 10.

Life went on as normal. We even went for a scrumptious dinner with our family with some irregular surges in between.

12 Oct 1.00 am     Regular surges has begun. I was listening to Birth Affirmation and Rainbow Relaxation in bed.

12 Oct 5.00 am   I got out of bed and took a warm shower.At the same time, I told  my baby “Baby, come out quickly, otherwise, when Daddy wakes up, he would fetch us to the hospital.” Reason being, in the end, Daddy felt that the hospital was safer.

12 Oct 7.00 am   My husband saw that I was uncomfortable so I had to tell him that I had a birth show and was having regular surges. After we sent our eldest to nanny’s, we went to the hospital.
12 Oct 11.00 am   Once we admitted to the hospital before the midwife did the vaginal exam, she asked us a few questions which I thought was cute so I penned it down.

Midwife: Are you having contractions?
Husband: Yes
Midwife: Any birth show? Water bag break?
Husband: Yes, birth show but no water bag break.
Midwife: When was the birth show?
Husband: This morning
Me: Yesterday morning (The midwife’s eyes widened and looked at us. Hahaha.. She must be thinking this couple is weird.)
Husband: How come you didn’t tell me that you had a birth show yesterday morning?
Me: If I had told you, you would be more anxious than me.

Then the midwife did a vaginal exam. 8cm! 

12 Oct 12.30 pm   My baby greeted us in a calm and gentle atmosphere. The birth was fast. The moment I saw my baby, I felt very touched and extremely emotional because I really did realise my affirmation - I put all fears aside and I welcome my baby with Happiness and Joy!

Chloe Ong, Dec 2015, Malaysia