You have a few months until baby’s grand debut, and your to-do list feels like it’s growing faster than your belly bump. As a new soon-to-be mama, you’re not even sure where to begin. Before the baby gear starts flying into your home and the avalanche of advice (both welcome and unsolicited) hits, check out what you really need to know and do before your baby arrives.


Decorate the nursery. 

That spare room you’re slowly filling with baby gear needs to take shape now. From the paint on the walls to the crib and changing table, everything needs to come together. Use these last three months to gradually build your design dream, decorating a baby’s room in a creative, inspired way that comes from your heart.


Get breastfeeding products in order.

Nursing bras, nipple cream, pads, and pumps are all items you’ll start using soon. Have these ready to go well before baby gets here. In addition to securing all the items you’ll need, take a breastfeeding class or visit a lactation consultant for the lowdown on the mechanics of how to make it all happen.


Finalize a childbirth plan.

By now you’ve had the chance to explore your options and form a plan, in your mind at least. Write it out, but be sure to leave room for what-ifs. Childbirth doesn’t come with certainties, meaning it may not go exactly as planned; you need to have several different options.


Organize everything. 

The pile of onesies your BFF gave you and the boxes of diapers you received at your shower aren’t going anywhere. Organize all of that stuff before your little bundle of joy arrives. This will make it easier to adjust during those first few weeks — and you won’t be surrounded by piles and piles of clutter.


Pack your bag. 

Have your hospital bag ready and waiting? Think about what you’ll really want and need during your two day or so stay. It’s good to have your hospital bag ready to go especially when you’re in the last few months of pregnancy.


Just relax. 

As you conquer your to-do list, don’t forget to calm down, de-stress, and relax in these last few weeks before baby gets here.