It's his first time celebrating Father's Day, so you want it to be memorable. He wants to be acknowledged, appreciated, and admired on his big day. Check out these ideas guaranteed to have him puffing his new-dad chest in pride.


  1. Let Him Get Some ZZZ’s

Being a new dad often means giving up sleeping in on weekends. Chances are your guy works hard all week (just like you!), and while he loves being a dad, he probably really misses the days when he could lounge in bed on Sunday mornings. So for Father's Day (Saturday too, if you're feeling really generous), let your guy snooze as long as he wants. We guarantee he'll emerge adorably bed headed and in the best mood he's shown in a long time.


  1. Give the Gift of ‘Me Time’

As you well know, when you became three, "me" time went out the window. He's probably still better at fitting it in than you are, mama, but hey, it's his day. Take the baby with you to the store or out for a walk, and let him veg in front of the game and zone out with his phone for a few uninterrupted hours.


  1. Make His Favorite Meal

On Father's Day, the sweetest thing you can do is cook up the whole artery-clogging mess and serve it with a smile. And absolutely no comments may be made regarding cholesterol or calories.


  1. Have the Baby "Make" Him Something

Spend a little time making something for your man that can be "from" the baby - a personalized and well-stocked cookie jar to the sweet (a keychain tagged with loving messages) to the funny (ties adorned on just about anything). Gifting it from the little one conveniently excuses any crafting fails you might have had along the way!


  1. Get Some Matching Dad/Baby Tees

Let him boast his dad pride all day long with a super-cute message T-shirt and matching baby onesie like "Super Dad/ Super Baby," "Couch Potato/Tater Tot," "Big Kid/Little Kid," and "Sleep Deprived/Sleep Depriver."


  1. Get Him a Fun Toy

Key roles of any dad are to provide comic relief and pastimes that have no greater value than goofy fun. Help him fulfill these roles by gifting him a classic "guy toy," maybe one of those remote-controlled helicopters from the mall kiosks, or a set of long-range water guns. After all, it's partially the kid at heart that makes him such a good dad.


  1. Tell Him He's Appreciated

It can be hard when you're in the throes of caring for a baby to take the time to appreciate everything your guy is doing for you both. On his day, be sure to let him know how much you admire him and the wonderful job he is doing as a father. Write it out in a card to give it an extra boost of sincerity and staying power.


  1. Take a Family Adventure

Pack up your little one and head out for an activity of his choosing. A family walk, hike, bike ride, a road trip to that nearby tourist trap he's always wanted to check out- It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you're doing it together.


  1. Plan a Date

He loves being a dad, but he loves you more. Losing all that pre-baby alone time with you has probably been a huge adjustment for him (hanging out together while the baby sleeps just isn't the same). Which makes a date night a great, if slightly ironic, Father's Day gift. Take him out to his favorite restaurant and lavish him with undivided attention, the way you did pre-parenthood.


  1. Make a Memento

Making a photo memento of his first Father's Day is a sweet way to recognize what a great papa he's turning out to be. He might pretend he's not planning on displaying his "World's Greatest Dad"-themed calendar at the office, but he totally will, and do so proudly.