Having a newborn baby is a fun, exciting experience. Sometimes it’s simpler for mums to bond with baby because they’re breastfeeding and/or are the primary caregiver. While this bonding is important, it’s also equally vital for dads and babies to bond. Here are five simple tips for dad and baby bonding:

Cradle Baby Close

When mom is breastfeeding baby she cuddles him close to her chest and baby has a perfect view into her eyes. When you are bottlefeeding him, hold him in the same position, allowing your little one to gaze up at you

Take the Night Shift

Give mom the chance to catch some extra zzz's and become the "rescuer of the night" when baby cries. This will give you and baby precious alone time.

Try a Baby Massage

Babies respond to touch, and a simple way to soothe and relax them is with a baby massage. When your baby is quiet and happy (you won't want to try it on a fussy baby) take 10 to 15 minutes to gently rub her legs, belly, arms, and neck.

Take On Diaper Duty

Sure, there's a little ick-factor but diaper duty is also a time to bond. Even though it may be a little smelly, you get to talk to her and make silly noises as she gets a fresh change.

Special Play Time

Set aside time every day specifically for playtime with your little guy. Make it part of his daily routine, so he expects his daddy time on the regular.

Baby Wear Like It’s Your Job

Baby wearing is pretty much the best. It allows you to perform other activities (like cleaning, walking, shopping, etc.) whilst also bonding with your baby. She will become even more accustomed to your smell and presence this way too.

Be a Part of the Bedtime Routine

A consistent bedtime schedule is very important to helping your baby sleep through the night. Choose a part of the routine you want to be involved in like bathtime. This will help baby understand that when Dad says its bathtime, it's will be bedtime soon too.


How can I bond when my partner's breastfeeding?

Just because your partner is breastfeeding doesn't mean you're out of the parenting loop – caring for your baby is a team effort. Once the baby is fed, you can take over by burping her, singing to her, playing with her, or just holding her. One mum says, "One of the things we do is have her daddy wear the baby after [she] is fed. She needs to stay upright after feeding, so this lets her settle and get that close time."

If your partner is pumping her breast milk, you can also take over some of your baby's feedings. That way you and your baby have some extra bonding time, and your partner can get some rest. Those quiet middle of the night feedings when just you and your baby are awake can be truly special.



Question: How do you get hubby to bond with baby?

  • Engage your hubby when you’re playing with baby. It's a good way to interact and bond. After your hubby gets the hang of it, the bonding will come naturally. - Jamie Ong
  • I let husband feed via bottle, carry or accompany baby to sleep, change nappy, even bathe him. Now my little one is about 1 year old, he feeds and plays with him. - Yinny Sumartono


  • I let my hubby change his nappy and feed him at night. At first kelam kabut, as baby cries every time. Now hubby loves holding and playing with my son. - Ainee Etp


  • I let him bathe baby and change the diaper whenever he can or is home from work. If fully breastfeeding then hubby can burp the baby and also rock baby to sleep. - Sebrinah Yeo
  • Pretend to sleep or be tired and let daddy take care of baby. Sometimes they need guidance too and be told what to do or what you need. So be vocal they are not instinctive like us. - Jchanet Tan