In conjunction with its 125th anniversary, Johnson’s®, the leading brand in baby care, held the prestigious Baby of The Year Contest last year with the theme - “The Royal Celebration for Johnson’s® 125 Years with Your Princes & Princesses”.

Each grand prize winner walked away with RM5,000 cash, a Johnson’s® hamper worth RM400, and a once in a lifetime experience to grace the cover of Parenthood Magazine!

For this issue, we have Baby Jaiveer Singh and Baby Izz Dini from the below one-year-old category, who are absolutely cute and adorable. We spoke to their parents and they certainly had lots to share about their cute little winners.



Birthday: 7th November 2017
Favourite word: Eat, Papa and Banana
Favourite food: Yogurt
Favourite song: The Wheels On the Bus
Favourite cartoon/ show: Nursery Rhymes
Status: Only Child 

Parenthood (PH): Can you tell us about baby Jaiveer… how is his personality like?
Mrs Roshni: Jaiveer is a very friendly and charming boy. He loves music, dancing and going on car rides. A loving child that he is, becomes very friendly and attaches easily to anyone.

PH: Please tell us his birth story… anything interesting or memorable?
Mrs Roshni: He was to be delivered in the afternoon of 6th November. All our family members were waiting outside the maternity ward anxiously. However, he kept everyone waiting before arriving at 1.19am on 7th November instead.



PH: What is his favourite time of the day and why?
Mrs Roshni: Definitely in the morning. He wakes up with a big smile on his face and starts pointing to the window indicating it’s morning – time to wake up.

PH: Tell us a funny moment he has done so far.
Mrs Roshni: He loves music and likes to shake his bum when he listens to heavy rock music songs. And recently, he started to kiss our cheeks whenever we tell him to ‘sayang’ us.



PH: What is your parenting style?
Mrs Roshni: At the moment, it’s just free and easy since he is our first child and also the first grandchild for both the grandparents. I would certainly want to instil good moral values in him as he grows. My husband and I would prefer being an authoritative parent.

PH: What are some of the lessons that he has taught you as a parent? 
Mrs Roshni: I’m not perfect and I make mistakes too as a parent, but I’ve learnt a lot after he was born. I feel I have become less temperamental and a lot calmer now. I feel I have become more matured, responsible and loving too. 

PH: What are your hopes and dreams for him?
Mrs Roshni: We have lots of hopes and dreams for him but I guess it is too early and it would be selfish of me to have him become what I desire. We just hope that he will be the envy of many mothers.






Birthday: 10th February 2018
Favourite word: Fish
Favourite food: Chicken rice
Favourite song: Assalamualaikum by Omar and Hana
Favourite cartoon/ show: Omar and Hana Eng Version 
Status: Only Child 

Parenthood (PH): Can you tell us about baby Izz… how is her personality like?
Pn. Iffah: We are lucky that Izz is generally a happy baby. She smiles when she wakes up, when she bathes and even when she’s on a flight. On a recent flight from Melbourne, after we landed safely back in KL, the stewardess and some fellow passengers expressed their amazement at how well Izz behaved throughout the whole flight while the other babies were crying and screaming. 

PH: Please tell us her birth story… anything interesting or memorable?
Pn. Iffah: I relatively had an enjoyable pregnancy without much fuss. Having said that, at the delivery room, Izz seemed to be quite reluctant to come out and the doctor had to try hard before I passed out from exhaustion. As they say, good things are hard to come by. Fair to say Izz really played hard to get on her first day!



PH: What is her favourite time of the day and why?
Pn. Iffah: She is a morning person definitely. After being well fed the night before and having a good night’s sleep, she would get up all excited and start climbing on everything from the bed’s headboard to sitting on my head.

PH: Tell us a funny moment she has done so far.
Pn. Iffah: It will have to be Izz’s facial expression from extreme strain to being relieved and ending with a smile of happiness when she made her first poop. 



PH: What is your parenting style?
Pn. Iffah: Encouraging to express and explore, nurturing to guide and develop her growth while providing an environment of love and protection to build her self-confidence.

PH: What are some of the lessons that she has taught you as a parent? 
Pn. Iffah: In three words – sacrifice, selflessness and responsibility. It is a blessing to be bestowed with a child and it is an honour to be a parent entrusted to develop the child to adulthood. Definitely a lifelong commitment.

PH: What are your hopes and dreams for her?
Pn. Iffah: For Izz to grow up healthily, happily and above all ‘anak solehah’ to her parents and that she will be successful in this life and the hereafter, with a place reserved for her in ‘Firdaus’, the highest level in heaven.

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Location: Superkidz Indoor Playground, Pearl Suria KL South.