FAYE TAN, Director & Principal of Baby Atelier Nursery & Pre-School, started Baby Atelier Nursery & Pre-School with the mission to provide childcare and education for babies from as young as one-month-old. As a working mother herself, she found that it was very difficult to find a place that she could feel safe and comfortable to send her baby to, hence the reason for opening her own school.

Their curriculum is not specifically tailored for any stream of primary education, but rather aims to prepare the child for a more exponential kind of learning later on in life.

They focus a lot on language proficiency, mainly the three languages, but with the emphasis on English and Mandarin. At the same time, in order for the children to have more fun and hands-on activities – hands-on learning comes in for Numeracy and Science.

For Numeracy, it’s a lot of games, a lot of activities and hands-on practice for them. Besides, this also refines their motor skills, and prepare them for the pencil grips and writing later on.

For Science, the emphasis is on carrying out experiments, observing, and experiential learning.

Baby Atelier focuses mainly on small groups of learning, which is one educator to seven students, or two educators to 15 students. Lesser waiting time for each child also means more attention from the educators and improved quality of learning too!

Food and nutrition is also taken seriously at Baby Atelier. They are always encouraging children to eat from a variety of food and vegetables from all colours. All their meals are prepared in-house and using natural, fresh and organic ingredients in the preparation of the food.

In terms of hygiene, the school is cleaned and sanitized daily, including all learning materials and toys as well. The sanitizing agents used are food grade and do not contain any harmful substances.

Baby Atelier also enforces a very strict sick child policy. If a child is sick, they do not accept them into the school to protect the other children who are healthy. At the same time, they also carry out routine health checks three times a day.

At Baby Atelier, they believe in equipping a child not only academically but emphasizes also on character building, so that the children will have the right values for success in life. “Our aspiration is for each child that comes through our doors to be happy and healthy; and ultimately, we want them to become capable and responsible individuals too!” concludes Faye.

For more information, you may check out www.babyatelier.com.my or call +6013 350 0109!