Choosing a school that's right for your child can be a bit of a challenge. With so many schools offering different environments, teaching styles and philosophies, the experience can feel overwhelming.

Before choosing a school, it’s important to determine the type of student your child is and what environment he or she will most likely succeed in. It’s also important to see if the school's timings would fit your schedule in terms of dropping them off and picking them up. For those who are looking for flexibility in time and the number of days you’d like to send your child to school, Smart Start Stars may just be your answer.




With a mission to provide parents and children with an alternative international enrichment education program in a stimulating and nurturing environment, flexible enrolment is available and tailored to individual requests for all of their students. This means that they are flexible in their pricing plan and varied programs to fit different ages, different schedules, and unique student needs.



Smart Start Stars offers three different programs to fit the educational needs of children aged 2+ to 12 years old - their Daytime Program, After-School Program and Weekend Program. Each programme enhances the child’s learning experience, and can also be supplemental education to the generalized curriculum in most school systems.





DAYTIME PROGRAM (AGE RANGE 2+ TO 6) - Using a curriculum based on exploration, discovery and learning through play, Smart Start Stars paves the way for young learners in preparation for Standard 1 and beyond, with a focus on small-group and independent learning.


Some of the activities for our young learners include: Story Time; Language Arts; Reading Readiness Program; Mathematics/number fun; Music and movement; Drama/imaginative play; Arts and Crafts; Science/sensory activities; and use of iPad educational Apps




AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM (AGE RANGE 6+ TO 12)- Each day of the week they focus on one of the S.T.E.A.M. subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths), and explore the possibilities with practical hands-on learning by creating or experimenting on things.




WEEKEND PROGRAM (AGE RANGE 5+ TO 12) – The weekend program focuses on drama and storytelling through an eight-week course. There are two timing slots to choose from- 11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm.









Smart Start Stars located in Mutiara Damansara’s The Curve Shopping Mall is designed to have an open floor concept that is divided into different learning zones that provide experiences focusing on developing the academic, social and creative skills needed for future success and growth. They provide the opportunity for parents to access to International Preschool education and Primary enrichment programs at an affordable price.


Their belief is that each child is a unique individual and there is no place for a one-size-fits-all education. Positive reinforcement in all aspects of their programs are used with the aim to inspire students to keep learning for life. They also have a low student teacher ratio with 8:1 for their pre-school programs and 10:1 for the other programs. This ensures that every child is given the care, love and attention that he or she needs.


Another feature that stood out is their use of technology such as ipads in their programs. Students can learn to make movies and Powerpoint presentations; using Photoshop/iPhoto; reading and creating books in iBook; creating original music with Garage Band; writing a blog; basic coding and lots more!


You’ll be able to find more information on their website or through their Facebook and instagram: @SmartStartStars