In conjunction with its 125th anniversary, Johnson’s®, the leading brand in baby care held a Baby of The Year Contest last year with the theme- “The Royal Celebration for Johnson’s® 125 Years with Your Princes & Princesses”. Each grand prize winner walked away with RM5,000 cash, a Johnson’s® hamper worth RM400, and a once in a lifetime experience to grace the cover of Parenthood Magazine!


For this issue, we have Avyssa Ebrahim Poor and Muhammad Adam Qalish Bin Mohamad Faisal from the 1-3 years old category, who are absolutely bubbly and photogenic. We spoke to their parents and they certainly had lots to share about their cute little winners.




Birthday: 21 January 2016

Favourite phrase: Sharing is Caring

Favourite food: Pineapple Fried Rice with Raisins

Favourite song: Let it Go

Favourite cartoon/ show: Peppa Pig

Favourite colour: Pink

Status: Only Child

Parenthood (PH): Can you tell us about Avyssa… how is her personality like?

Mrs Goon: Avyssa is a friendly, cheerful and headstrong girl. She likes to manage her family and friends around. She knows what she wants, and sometimes insists on doing things her way. We’ll let her and she would learn through her actions. For example; too much candy will make you cough; or the water is hot and it will burn your skin if you touch it. 


PH: What is Avyssa’s favourite?

Mrs Goon: She definitely loves to play and looks forward to playing with her cousins during the weekends or holidays, and to play with the kids in the playground.



PH: Tell us a funny moment when she was younger.

Mrs Goon: Well, when she was about eight months old, we washed her favourite soft toy and hung it outside the balcony to dry. As soon as she realised that her favourite soft toy was outside drying, she went into non-stop baby talk mode, pointing to the balcony and crying as though she was begging us to bring it back inside. That was quite funny.


PH: What is your parenting style?

Mrs Goon: As she is our only child, we tend to overly pamper her. But we try to be more stern on certain things like when we realized her meal time with the iPad is a big No-No, we slowly cut it off and now she is Ipad-free during her meal times. We hope she will concentrate more on her food and could finish her food in a shorter period of time.



PH: What are some of the lessons that she has taught you as a parent?

Mrs Goon: Parenthood is a new phase of life for both of us. No matter how old you are, if it is your first child, you will learn many things from your child. Once she is growing, we as parents have become more mature. My husband and I have learnt to be more patient and tolerant. We tend to spend more time together, laugh more and forget our stress and have real fun with her. She taught us not to pre-judge about race, nationality, feature or gender, job and etc. Because you can be a friend and have a great time with anyone at any place.


PH: What are your hopes and dreams for her?

Mrs Goon: We hope that she will always be happy and healthy. As for her dreams, we will let her plan her own dreams and we will respect and support her decision along the way.





Birthday: 25 April 2017

Favourite phrase: “Shor shor (which means dinosaur)”

Favourite food: Nasi Lemak Milah

Favourite song: Baby Shark

Favourite cartoon/ show: Pink Fong - Dinosaur

Favourite colour: Red

Status: Only Child

Parenthood (PH): Can you tell us about Adam… how is his personality like?

Pn. Siti: Adam is a joyful and energetic child. He loves outdoor activities, such as running in the park, and dancing whenever he hears music. He’ll dance to the beat by nodding his head and tapping his feet. He is also a sweet and a loving boy, as every time I get dressed, he will praise me “cantik”.


PH: What is Adam’s favourite?

Pn. Siti: He is an animal lover. He loves them so much that his first-word was cat, and most of his earliest words were names of animals like frog, dog, sheep, and shark. He also likes to mimic animal sounds. Because of this, we always bring him to the zoo or petting zoo during the weekends. He loves to pat, feed and chase after all these animals. He has no fear at all towards all these animals. We are just so happy to see his smiles and giggles whenever he’s with the animals. His current favourite is dinosaurs, and he can even differentiate between a Triceratops, T-Rex and Brachiosaurs.



PH: What is the most memorable moment with him so far?

Pn. Siti: It has to be Adam winning the Johnsons Baby Competition. It may just be a competition to others, but to us, it is our son’s first achievement. Winning this has brought so much joy and happiness to us. As a parent and to know that he has stolen the heart of others especially the professional judges and also the people who had voted for him to win this, it means a lot to us. We are definitely proud of him.


PH: What is your parenting style?

Pn. Siti: I would say democratic or in other words, positive parenting. We want to work as teammates with our son. We will make the decision together and to care for each other, to consider others and to make him know that all actions have consequences. We want him to feel that he is treated equally with respect and dignity. Rather than imposing strict rules, preaching do's and don’ts, we will encourage respectful behaviour by demonstrating and teaching him about respect. We will also act as his trusted guardians, and not his dictator. 



PH: What are some of the lessons that he has taught you as a parent?

Pn. Siti: I think the biggest lesson that he has taught us is that parents' love for a child has no limitations and it’s unconditional. From the very first time we laid eyes on him, we were overwhelmed with love. Even until today, this feeling has never stopped and instead, has grown day by day. We truly agree to the quote that says ‘we will never know the love of our parents until we become parents ourselves as parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving’.


PH: What are your hopes and dreams for him?

Pn. Siti: Our hopes and dreams for him is to find true happiness in his life. That he will grow up wisely and become successful in whatever field he has chosen. We also hope that he can make this world a better place by contributing something to society. Most of all, I hope that he knows that we will always love and support him no matter what.



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