In conjunction with its 125th anniversary, Johnson’s®, the leading brand in baby care held a Baby of The Year Contest last year with the theme- “The Royal Celebration for Johnson’s® 125 Years with Your Princes & Princesses”.

Each grand prize winner walked away with RM5,000 cash, a Johnson’s® hamper worth RM400, and a once in a lifetime experience to be on the cover of Parenthood Magazine!

For this issue, we have Bramleen Kaur Shadan and Herman Lai Guan Da from the 4-6 years old category, who are just natural models in front of the camera. We spoke to their parents, so we could get a little more info about these cute little winners and get to know them better.





Birthday: 24 August 2014

Favourite phrase: “Don’t worry la!”

Favourite food: Kuey Teow Soup

Favourite song: Sia (Cheap Thrills)

Favourite cartoon/ show: Paw Patrol and Disney Cartoons

Favourite colour: Blue

Status: Only Child


About Bramleen

Here’s what Bramleen’s mum has to say:


Bramleen is an extraordinary child full of gratitude and a very happy go lucky kid. Whenever we (parents) buy anything for her or take her anywhere, she never stops thanking us. She will go like “thank you, thank you, thank you for buying/taking me (the item/place name)” She tends to remember happiness for a longer term and sadness for a short period. This makes her special as she is always happy in any environment.


Parenthood (PH): What was Bramleen’s birth like?

When I was pregnant, we (parents) didn’t ask the doctor about the gender but when she was born, and we found it is a girl, our heartfelt with joy. The best memories I as a mother will never forget when Bramleen was born, the doctor kept her on my chest and her eyes were wide open. She had beautiful big eyes and looking around. She did not cry during her birth but her reaction was more towards curiosity to know what is happening around her and this has got the nurses worried for a newborn not to cry. After about 2 minutes, she cried and was loudest among all the other babies because of her high pitch and sharp voice.


PH: What’s her favourite time of the day and why?

We believe Bramleen’s favourite time of the day is at night when she gets to be with her whole family, watch a movie, play board games and doing a revision as well as she gets to exchange conversation with her parents on their day.


PH: What was the funniest or most memorable thing that your child has done so far?

The funniest moment was a brilliant dialogue conversation when she visited her doctor at the age of 4 years old. She seeks permission from the doctor to play toys which consist of animals in a basket.

Bramleen: Doctor, what is this?

Doctor: These are animals.

Bramleen: What animal these? (with her baby intonation)

Doctor: (pointing at animals) This is lion, zebra, giraffe, cheetah, leopard and hyena.

Bramleen: Why no horse? (looking curious)

Doctor: These are safari animals, the horse can’t stay in safari because the lion will eat the horse. So cannot be here (explained the doctor with a smile and full of satisfaction)

Bramleen: (asked innocently) Then why lion not eating zebra….

Doctor:………………… (speechless) ☺☺☺

This incident happened almost a year ago, but we (parents) still laugh whenever we visit the doctor. The doctor is our family friend.


PH: What is your parenting style?

Our parenting style is authoritative parenting where we do put a lot of effort for creating and maintaining a positive relationship with Bramleen


We always explain the reason why we raise our voice when she does any mistakes or why we set rules which she has to follow. For example, once she is back from an outing, we do encourage her to wash her hands and legs to promote hygiene and cleanliness.


As parents, we do enforce rules and give consequences when she breaks any rules but nonetheless, we always take Bramleen’s feelings into considerations. We also encourage her to make decisions on her food, clothing, toys and rides to play at the playground etc. But of course, given her authorization to make a choice, as parents, we do explain to her the pros/cons if her decision is inconvenient or bring harm to her. 


PH: What are some of the lessons that she has taught you as a parent?

Bramleen has always taught us to be more calm with her joyful personality. She has also reminded us to be more grateful. For instance, if we request her help and we forgot to thank her, she will say ‘Thank you’, it’s like a reminder to us to appreciate someone’s assistance. When our family has some misunderstanding on certain issues, she will be the mediator and asks us to apologise to each other.

These small gestures of Bramleen always teaches us to be more positive and believe in the law of the universe as to be contented, be gratitude and thank the creator for what we have. She is an angel on earth.


PH: What are your hopes and dreams for her?

Just like any other parents in this world, we hope she succeed in anything she does. Her ambition is to be an astronaut because of her interest to learn about space, stars, planets, moon and universe. We will support her in any decision she takes as long as she is on the right path of her life journey.





Birthday: 2nd February 2015

Favourite Food: Fish Ball Noodles

Favourite Song: Baby Shark

Favourite Cartoon: All About Dinosaur

Favourite Colour: Orange

Status: Third child


About Herman

Here’s what Herman’s mum has to say:


Herman is a very active child. He is very talkative and friendly as well. It’s easy for him to talk to anyone including strangers and can easily make new friends.


Parenthood (PH): What was Herman’s birth like?

While the family was happily waiting for his arrival on 28th February 2015, Herman was delivered 4 weeks earlier. He had immature lungs, was placed in the incubator at NICU, which made us really worried. Thankfully, he was discharged from NICU after 3days. Everything went smoothly and is now a healthy and active boy.


PH: What’s his favourite time of the day and why?

I think his favourite time of the day is story time before bed. He seems to enjoy it very much, especially when we read a book on dinosaurs to him.


PH: What was the most memorable thing that your child has done so far?

Most memorable to date, has to be winning the Johnson’s Baby of the Year contest.


PH: How is Herman with his other siblings?

Herman has 3 other siblings and they are all boys! His eldest brother is 10years old, second brother 9 years old, and his younger brother is 3 years old. They’re really close- they play together and of course fight together as well.


Among all of them, I would say that Herman is more of the funny one among the bunch. He loves to joke around and make everyone laugh. The four of them are also always telling me that they wish to have a baby sister. We’ll just have to see about that.


PH: What is your parenting style?

I give all of my boys all my love. I’ll tell him off when it’s not right and I’ll compliment or praise him when for behaving or doing good. When it’s time to be tough, I’ll be tough; when it’s time to be soft, I’ll be soft.


PH: What are your hopes and dreams for him?

I wish for healthy and happy growth for Herman. I hope he grows to do something he likes or is passionate about, and we will always support him through it, as long as it is nothing bad or is harmful to others.

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