Pat and Sebastian's HypnoBirthing (Cord around Neck) (Avoiding unnecessary caesarean) 

It is week 39 of Pat's pregnancy, 5 days before our expected due date. Since the due date is near, we were advised to visit the clinic more often (every week).  We're excited and went to our regular checkup at Yan's specialist Sri Petaling. Baby is healthy, the head is engaged and at the correct position. While doing the ultrasound, I believe I saw my baby's features appearing on the screen, the feeling was really amazing although it was only a real quick glimpse. However, the happiness halted when the doctor appeared to be worried, saying that there seems to be a problem, there is a possibility that the baby's cord is looping around the baby's neck. We cannot be sure, but the ultrasound is showing that the cord is at the neck area. The good news is, baby's heartbeat and health are absolutely fine. 

Doctor advised us that there may be a 5% risk during birth if we were to go ahead with natural birth. For the baby's safety, it is best for the baby to be delivered via caesarean. We were both in shock! Earlier we have discussed with doctor about our preference to deliver the baby naturally, and we did tell him our birth plan and HypnoBirthing is our preferred way.


The doctor asked if we want to perform caesarean, he could do it immediately on the same day. If we drag on any longer, the baby may go down further and may cause further complication. We asked for more options, and we were presented with a choice to opt for induced birth, where it will help to escalate the process, but it may also lead to caesarean during birth if the baby's heart beat drops during the process. 
We were not advised to give birth naturally. Knowing that if we drag any longer, the situation may be worse, it is a scary experience. We've decided to seek for Second opinion and did not make any decision on the spot. 

Since it is a Saturday, and it is already late in the afternoon, we do not have many choices as most gynae are closed on Saturday afternoon and whole day Sunday. We're panicked, and we've decided to call our HypnoBirthing consultant (Bee Ting), who calmed us down and told us that there is no need for caesarean in usual circumstance pertaining to a cord around the neck. She mentioned the name Dr Tan Ee Ping and recommended us to visit Dr Paul for second opinion. 

Sunday, 16th 
We did a massive amount of research and waited.

Monday, 17th 
We were at Pantai Bangsar first thing in the morning, but we were told that Doctor has a funeral and he wouldn't be able to see us the same day. Making matter worse, my wife realised she has blood show, we knew the time clock has started and we have no time to roam around, we need to get our second opinion quick. Upon getting the recommendation from friends, we visited Gleneagles and tried our luck with Dr Jean, but to no avail, as her appointments were back to back. So what now? The name Dr Tan Ee Ping suddenly popped up in my brain, we immediately contacted Pantai Cheras to ask for Dr Tan but we were told she no longer house in Pantai Bangsar. From a random website, we found that Dr Tan has a clinic in Kajang. We rushed to Kajang just to realise it was a different Dr Tan. Long story short, finally, we have arrived at Seri Kembangan at Dr Tan's Clinic, she assured us that this is a normal phenomenon and there is no need to be worried. Dr Tan supports hypno birth and she accepted to deliver our baby (very rare for a last-minute case). The only thing is that she will not be available on Friday.  Still a good news for us. We've made our booking with Dr Tan. 

Tuesday 18th
We visited Dr Paul again around 5 pm at Pantai Bangsar for third opinion, partly is because we need a doctor who supports hypno birth to help us deliver our baby if our baby decides to come out on Friday. Dr Paul accepted us and asked us to do a trace about 7.30pm to monitor if the surge has started. Trace result shows that surge has not started. We then went back home and we were advised to come back the next day to monitor. 

Wednesday 19th
Jeng Jeng Jeng! At 3.30am, Pat woke me up, she can't sleep and felt uncomfortable. I notice that she is doing a Polar Bear Position to make herself comfortable. She asked me to send her to the hospital for a check-up. Since she is still able to talk to me normally, I brushed away the idea that she is ready to be delivered. 4.30 am, we've decided to go the hospital. At 5 am we have arrived at Pantai Cheras, her water broke in the car as we arrived Pantai Cheras. We rushed to the labour room, found out that cervix is fully dilated. The doctor arrived some 20 minutes later. We practice hypno birth, played music and breathe down. The nurses suggested for Pat to try Polar bear position, apparently, they all know hypno birth, they are knowledgeable and very supportive throughout. At 6.17am, baby delivered naturally. No epidural injection, no induced birth. Membrane (amniotic Sac) can be seen to be still covering only the baby's head. Healthy baby. The cord was indeed looped around the baby's neck. Dr Tan assisted Pat to breastfeed immediately. We've delayed cord clamping about 5 minutes later. The rest is history.
We hope our story can contribute positively to other parents to be.

Sebastian and Pat