For the first time this year, Parenthood organized a new workshop titled ‘Parenthood Prep 1.0’, that aims to prepare new parents and parents-to-be to care for their baby. In collaboration with Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, the workshop saw about 100 participants in attendance.

The full-day workshop covered about 8 must-know topics that are essential for any parent and parents-to-be and is considered one of the most hands-on and interactive workshops to date.

Here are some of the main topics for the day.


Baby Wearing – Bringing babies closer

The morning started off with a short talk by Dr Izam Suziani, who is not just a doctor but a baby wearing consultant as well. She explained on the numerous benefits of baby wearing for both baby and mummy and even gave the participants a step-to-step guide on the proper way to tie and carry your baby.

To ensure that the participants were paying close attention, two couples were given the chance to compete in a baby wrapping game for the chance to bring home their very own MOBY Wrap!


Baby Massage

Baby massages are also an essential skill that parents should prepare themselves with. Not only do massages soothe baby and help them sleep better, but it also improves weight gain, aid digestion and improves blood circulation. For this topic, Ms Lim Seng Keat, Nurse Manager, Nursery & NICU of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur gave a full demonstration on the precise way to massage a baby using products that are suitable and gentle to a baby’s skin.


FIRST AID: Emergency Guide to Choking

As the baby grows and becomes more curious, chances of choking are also higher. Preparing parents for emergency situations like this may help save lives. Ms Rabiatun Adawiah, an expert in first aid explained on the precise steps a person should take when a child chokes with a step-by-step demo that will surely come in handy should an emergency situation arise.



Another highlight of the day was the breastfeeding sharing session. Panellist included Elpeni Bt Ramli, Certified Lactation Counsellor and Pn. Dydiana Mohd Rasid, who is a breastfeeding counsellor and founder of Facebook page Happy Breastfeeding Malaysia. Both not only shared their expertise in the field but also as mums themselves.

Among the other topics that were discussed, include Caring for Your Child’s Skin, The Importance of Car Seat Safety & Choosing The Right Car Seat as well as The Importance of Stem Cord Blood Banking by Cryocord.

Do’s & Don’ts during Pregnancy & After Delivery by O&G Specialist- Dr Adzlina Jaafar who was very blunt and outspoken on her views, was also a big hit with numerous questions from the participants in regards to this topic.

The day finally ended with a Bang! as there were loads of amazing lucky draw prizes from our sponsors that include Koa Merries, Joie, Petunia Pickle Bottom & Moby, Lunavie, Buds and Hanil.

Parenthood will be having more events soon, so remember to have a look out and follow us on our Facebook page, or visit our website, for more info.