Angela's Empowering Gentle Birth With High Blood Pressure

I am most thankful to have taken the HypnoBirthing course from you. I keep hearing your voice during my labor time. The surge breathing and the number visualization helped ease a lot during the labor. I don't see it as a difficult labor even though it ended with some minor complication. I was sleeping throughout my surges for the first 8 hours as per your advice (to rest as much as possible during early surges). 

I was feeling very calm and relaxed. Didn't expect surges to be so easy and tolerable.


Here's how it began:

I broke my water bag at about 6.30 am and saw small gushes of water coming out every 15 minutes interval for at least 3 times. But there were no surges. I had an appointment with Dr Paul on the same day, hence I decided to wait till the clinic opens remembering tips that you have told us about no hurry. I waited till 9 am and called the clinic and was advised to check in to the delivery suite as there was blood show already.

Arrived hospital at about 9.45 am and surges only begun at about 10 plus. We assume it's going to be a long wait but thankfully Pantai hospital labor ward is a comfortable place to be at. But as soon surges arrived, it was already at an interval of 5 minutes once with surges slowly intensifying. The surges really felt like climbing the mountain as it gets tougher as time climbs every 2-3 hours. 

12-noon dilation 3 cm 

3-noon dilation 5 cm 

That was when I developed high blood pressure that cannot go down even with medication.

The doctor got worried and suggest to use epidural. I did not feel any stress of the high blood pressure at that time. I was feeling very calm and relaxed, so we insisted to delay the time. 


At about 6 pm dilation at 9 cm doctor insisted to get an epidural.
He's worried I won't be able to make it through labor. That's when Ray and I were on a crossroad and contacted you. But in my mind, we were almost there so I told midwife I wanted to try once and see if I can try pushing the baby to crowning or 10 cm. 
If I can't, I'll give up before the doctor arrives.

Anyway, it was too late for an epidural when the doctor arrived. So he suggested vacuum to help me out cos I wasn't able to push it out with Birth breathing and push breathing. My pressure was at rocketed high at this point 200/110. 

The vacuum helps tremendously and made my delivery much easier but a baby is traumatized in pain for a while and with a teeny cone head.  As mentioned in your classes, natural perineum tear is very minimal and Doctor only mended 1 tear and left another to heal on its own. Baby was brought skin to skin and umbilical cord clamping was delayed but it didn't take too long for the cord to turn pale.


Baby got out with his eyes open. He was very alert and made his climb to my nipple. We are so glad we did not take any painkiller intervention and it wasn't that tough to cope after all besides the high blood pressure matter. Also thanks to the birth affirmation, I ate well and behave well throughout my pregnancy that baby did not have to suffer any difficulties throughout pregnancy. His heartbeat was so good all through the labor as though he is drumming and trumpeting his way to come out and with wide open eyes. He greeted all of us when the doctor received him. 

Thank you so much once again, Bee Ting. For making my first pregnancy and labor experience to be such an easy and full of confidence!!