Christmas is coming up and are you starting to think about decorating your tree? All the pretty ornaments being hung with Christmas music playing in the background is one of the best moment ever. Unfortunately, a lot of those pretty ornaments are not so child- friendly. Most of them are glass or tend to break easily!  So if you have little ones around the house who can’t keep their hands off pretty ornaments, try making some this year!

Since 1 and 2-year-olds love crafting too, here are some toddler-friendly ornaments that little ones will love. As with most toddler projects, a grown-up's help may be needed, but let your kids take the reins and express their creativity this holiday season.


Foam Snowman

Make an entire family of these chilly cuties.

What You'll Need: 3 white foam circles, googly eyes, 2 buttons, 1 small orange pom-pom, yarn, white craft glue

Make It: Glue the three foam circles together to create a snowman. Glue the googly eyes and the pom-pom (for the nose) on the top circle and the buttons on the middle circle. To hang the snowman, make a 3-inch loop with the yarn and glue it on the back of the top circle.


Handprint Santa

A sparkly Kris Kringle keepsake is also perfect for a scrapbook!

What You'll Need: construction paper (pink, red, white), googly eyes, glitter glue (red, white), 1 small pink pom-pom, yarn, glue stick, white craft glue.

Make It: Trace your child's hand onto white paper and cut it out. Cut a triangle shape from the red paper to make the Santa hat. Cut a small circle and a flat, cloud-like hat brim from the white paper. Glue the small circle to the top of the red triangle and the flat brim onto the bottom. Cut a circle or oval from the pink paper for a face. Use the glue stick to attach the hat on top of the circle and the handprint on the bottom, inverting the handprint so the fingers are facing down. Use white craft glue to add the eyes and nose. Decorate the white paper with white glitter glue and the red paper with red glitter glue.


Glittery Mosaic

Paste this pretty decoration together.

What You'll Need: construction paper (red, green), white poster board (about a 5-inch square), 1 gold pipe cleaner, 1 medium-size green glittery pom-pom, 1 small green glittery pom-pom, 1 small red glittery pom-pom, glue stick, white craft glue

Make It: Cut the construction paper into one-inch squares. Use the glue stick to attach the squares until it covers all or almost all of the poster board; alternate the red and green colors and, if you like, leave a small space in-between the squares. Once the squares have dried, cut a Christmas ornament shape (circle, oval, teardrop, etc.) from the poster board. Make a loop from the pipe cleaner for the hanger and glue it to the back, at the top of the ornament. Then glue the small green pom-pom to at the top beneath the loop. Finish by gluing the medium-size green pom-pom and the small red pom-pom together (green on top, red on bottom) to the bottom of the ornament.


Jewelled Photo

This sparkling frame also makes a great gift.

What You'll Need: cardboard, photo of your child, gold pipe cleaner, 1 medium-size craft jewel, 35 to 40 small craft jewels, white craft glue, green glitter glue

Make It: Glue the photo to the cardboard. When the glue is dry, cut the photograph into a triangle shape, similar to a Christmas tree. Pipe glitter glue down one edge of the photo and gently press jewels into the glue. Continue all the way around the photo and then glue the largest jewel at the top of the triangle. Bend the pipe cleaner into loop for a hanger and glue it to the back at the top of the ornament.


Colourful Beaded Cross

Choose traditional Christmas colours or a variety of fun shades.

What You'll Need: 2 pipe cleaners (any colour), 20 pony beads (any colours), 1 sequin (any colour), white craft glue

Make It: Bend one of the pipe cleaners in half and thread one bead through both halves. Push it to the top where the bend is and then make a loop below the bead, about an inch long. Twist the pipe cleaner together once. Thread on 11 beads, but leave one bead-size space after the fourth bead. Bend the end of the pipe cleaner up and into the final bead to hold it in place. Cut the second pipe cleaner in half. Bend one of the halves in half and thread on 8 beads, leaving a bead-size space after the fourth bead. If needed, trim one end of the pipe cleaner and bend it to hold the beads in place. Twist the two pipe cleaners together where the gaps are to create a cross. Glue the sequin to the center of the cross.


LEGO Christmas Ball

These ornaments are fun for the kids to make and they look great on the tree.

What You’ll Need: Gather your LEGO minifigures and Christmas-related pieces, hot glue gun, 6” thread of red and white

Make It: Place the minifigures and small builds on white or green flat LEGO pieces.

Fire up your hot glue gun. Put a dab of glue on each corner of the flat LEGO piece. Crack open the clear Christmas ball. Place the LEGO scene inside the ball, resting the corners against the ball. Close the ball, make sure the scene is horizontal. Thread 6” of red and white twine through the hole in the ornament, tie a knot.