Do you feel trapped in a life of routines, sameness and monotony?  How about breaking the everyday monotony and rejuvenate yourself? Perhaps, a place where you and your entire family can capture some fond and wonderful memories. Well, look no further - come to the Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) and experience yourself the new attraction, ‘The Luminous Forest’ an enchanting landmark transformed into an extraordinary luminous landscape. It’s a forest where science and storytelling blend together where trees come to life and creatures of the night come out to play in the soft glow of the night, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who discover it.



You will begin the enchanted journey into Luminous Forest by stepping onto the Bridge of Luminosa that floats on the Swan Lake, which transports one from the normal realm into the magical forest. It’s just like being in Avatar or Alice in Wonderland where you will come across Mother Sophea, the 400-year old willow-like tree dubbed The Tree of Life, a 16-feet long centipede that shies away from the eyes of visitors, flowers in all sizes and shapes as well as exotic species of insects and animals lurking in the bioluminescent forest. 

Home to the Malayana tribe, it is believed that the tree spreads magical seeds to illuminate the forest and maintain a balance among the living creatures, while the Laka Falls is the source of water for the tribe and its luminous substance is used by Makalani in making her healing potion and emanates an alluring glow to the plants.



That’s not all, there’s more – Shadowfang, a 16-feet long centipede is the protector of the forest known to spit deadly venom to those who try to harm this forest. It preys on the evil when the darkness falls. If that’s not enough, take a stroll further to see the Garden of Light where it holds otherworldly plants and creatures in peculiar shapes and sizes that illuminates the forest in darkness while the Malayana Throne Chief Kukuntalu resides and rules the land in a fair manner.

While you are there, allow your imagination to lead the way and play within this mystical realm because, at the Wapi Springs, legend says that those who throw a stone in it will have their wishes come true. Not to forget the transcending tranquillity of the Toadstool Field where the Malayana tribe believes that the glowing mushrooms has healing abilities to nurse the sick and wounded back to health.

Those who explore the Luminous Forest is sure to be mesmerized with its intricate details of the mythical gardens and spellbinding woodlands set amidst nature. Luminous Forest, truly a world on its own in a beautiful luminous landscape – it is a moment of pause, wonder and plays within a mystical environment.


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