Designing and decorating kids’ room can be a lot of fun as it is a zone that you can let your imagination run wild. As an added bonus, your little ones are generally more forgiving when it comes to how you’ve put their room together. But that doesn’t mean that decorating their room isn’t a challenge, considering that the room will need to grow with your child.

To make sure that you don’t go overboard with all those amazing Pinterest photos you’ve saved as inspirations, let’s take a look at some mishaps that parents make when decorating a kid’s room.


Furniture is not versatile

We all know how fast a child grows out of their clothing especially in their early stages of life.  They might not work through furniture as quickly, but thinking long-term when it comes to the pieces you buy, can save you a lot in the coming months or years.

There are a few great brands that sell versatile furniture such as cots that turn into beds and beds that turn into desks. Pieces like these will be very practical as children grow. An added tip is to keep furniture neutral as well, so it can be passed down to siblings if need be.


Not keeping the walls neutral

Yes, kid’s rooms should be fun! But what isn’t fun is painting the wall for the third time in a year because your child no longer enjoys the spaceship motif you’ve illustrated. Parents can save a lot of hardwork and money by keeping the walls fairly neutral.

Forget about the common ‘pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy’ mentality and picks a tone or colour that will work for years to come, like a soft grey or calming green.  Decorate it with some colourful moments on top and save yourself from having to make major changes as your child’s taste develop.


Indulging in a trend or theme at the moment

It can sometimes appear that the easiest route to a kid’s room design is to indulge in whatever trend or theme they happen to be into at that time- such as Batman, Upin & Ipin, Minions, Elsa and so on, but, kids tend to change their mind as they grow and when the trend changes.

Whilst some trends do stick around longer than others, there is no real way of identifying which ones those are. And when this happens, it can often be more expensive to undo this work than to do it in the first place.

Children who are encouraged to express themselves through creating art develop a sense of innovation and critical thinking.

Parents forget that their child is five, not 25

Browse online and you’ll see too many kids’ rooms these days being styled in a manner that’s far too mature. Parents can get so swept up in the beautiful kids’ rooms they see online that they forget about the fun and frivolity in the space.

A kid’s room should be whimsical, practical, imperfect and evoke a sense of joy. We need to remember that they are a child and things are going to get messy, not everything is going to be in its intended place and mishaps will happen!


No Space for Creativity

Kids will always be kids, it’s a time when they love to express their creativity and a time where their imaginations run wild. Most parents do the mistake of filling up a room too much with furniture and not thinking about a space for creativity.

So instead of hanging expensive wallpaper, try painting a wall with Satin Glo paint to encourage kids to explore their own creativity. Satin Glo is a chalkboard paint that comes with a selection of colours. It is just like normal paint on the wall but works like a chalkboard, which means that parents need not worry about cleaning up after.



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