The day-to-day White Tack-It is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper. Its flexibility and easy removal ensure that the tack-its will not leave stains on the wall when removed. There are many creative ways to use the Tack-It. Here are several simple life hack suggestions that may be of use to you!

  • Use it to hang festive decorations or align photo frames on the wall for an organized look and feel.
  • The Tack-It also helps to hold home displays in place to avoid young children from knocking them over.
  • If you are using a screw with a screwdriver, simply place a small ball of Tack-It at the tip of the screwdriver to hold the screw in place. Easy!
  • Roll on the Tack-It when cleaning laptop keyboards or small crevice, as it gets into small gaps easily and stick-up any dirt that comes along with it.
  • It's always annoying when you see cables everywhere, especially at the back of your desk. Say goodbye to messy wires or knotty wires, as you can use the Tack-It to hold the wires in a neater and more organized manner.
  • When something tiny falls and rolls under the furniture and you are unable to reach it, use the Tack-It! Some rolled Tack-It attached to a stick will retrieve what was once lost without much hassle.

Tack-It comes in a handy re-sealable packaging called “Tack & Close” where Tack-It is used to seal the packaging so no Tack-It goes missing! Available in three different sizes, a pack of 42 pieces (RM3.50), 90 pieces (RM4.90) and 120 pieces (RM6.90).