Bringing colours into the world of education


Are colours important? Do they play a role in our everyday life? The answer is a simple yes. From us paying attention to traffic lights, our attires, our phones and warning signs, colours unknowingly play a significant role in our everyday life.

Now, the learning sector is a complex one but it is also one of the most vital sectors in a child’s growth – start them young, educate them young for they are the future. Education today is more than just books and exams, it is also about colour and its impact in the learning environment.

Dulux believes that colour and decoration holds the power to change lives as there is evidence that well designed schools have an impact on the behaviour, motivation and performance of their users and invokes feelings of happiness and excitement. AkzoNobel, the leading paints and coatings company and producer of leading paint brands Dulux and Dulux Professional worked with the University of Sussex to identify the impact of colour on a child’s performance in school. The study which featured eleven schools and 450 children between ages of five to ten, led to Dulux, the leading decorative paint brand by AkzoNobel, to identify which colour tones best fit educational institutions.

Through the study done with the University of Sussex, Dulux could identify the colours which encouraged overall performance, boost creativity and originality, improve focus and attention, enhance happiness and excitement, as well as colour(s) that hurt performances.

Different Areas in an Educational Institution

Common Areas

Understanding that various physical elements also affects to the impact on responses to the learning environment, the Dulux Professional Interior Washable, a film coating specially formulated by Dulux, is recommended for common areas such as corridors and atriums. Durable and easily washable, Sugar Blush, Remain Neutral and Winter’s Day are some of the colours that work best for these areas as they help ease navigation and aid recognition.

Auditoriums however, are used to host school events such as presentations and theatrical performances thus it has to exude a warm, welcoming and comfortable vibe. It is recommended that a warmer colour design completed by suitable textures and materials be used for auditoriums as it will help define the visual experience within its space. Dulux Professional Diamond range is perfect for this assembly space which caters to many gatherings, functions and purposes.


Classrooms, where most of the activities in an educational institution take place should have a comfortable yet motivating atmosphere. A classroom is where most of the learning and thinking place so it is important to encourage concentration and focus throughout. Colours suggested for classrooms are warm based, earthy tones such as light beiges, soft yellows or peaches on the walls because these colours may reduce anxiety and stress, while pale green or blue violet may play a role in enhancing a child’s ability to concentrate. 

Art Rooms

Paint the walls of art rooms in natural tones to strengthen performance on creative task and display the work of students’, art exemplars, models and learning aids to exude a lively environment which will boost children’s originality and creativity. Dulux Professional Diamond A1000 makes the perfect fit for art room because of its smooth and sophisticated matt or sheen finishing.

Sports Facilities

More than just the books, sports are also an important element in the educational sector. Sports educational institutions will provide students with a fine balance between their physical health and intellectual development apart from refining their determination and healthy competitive spirits. Sports facilities can be kept smelling fresh with Dulux Professional Diamond Refresh as it neutralises indoor air pollutants and maintains indoor air quality.

Staff Rooms

In educational institutions, the core strength behind the growth and interests of the students are derived from the teachers. Maintaining a happy and relaxed environment for teachers will encourage them to put in more effort in educating their students throughout their learning journey. This, can be achieved through uplifting staff rooms, which are best painted with Dulux Diamond Professional SmartLight, a paint that will brighten interiors with Dulux patented Lumitec™ technology.

The Exteriors

The outlook of an educational institution plays a very important role in obtaining professional teachers and students. A beautiful, well painted educational institution is more likely to be preferred by students, parents and teachers than a less attractive looking one. Known for withstanding weather conditions and long-lasting protection, Dulux Professional Weathershield E1000 and Weathershield Flexx is perfect for the exteriors of schools and universities. After all, the saying goes, first impressions matter.

Accepting Colours in Education

It has been discovered that colour is essential in the learning sector through the scientific study done with the University of Sussex. Colour can have an impact on students’ and teachers’ mood, emotions, communication as well as productivity. Taking in consideration that there is no one specific colour scheme for all educational institutions, Dulux offers a variety of colour schemes that will ease the process of choosing the perfect colour that meets each school.