Unflavored yogurt 300g
Low fat milk/soy milk 300ml
Organic brown sugar 100g
Gelatin powder 20g
Water 150ml
Fresh strawberries 8-10 (150g)

1. Wash and dice the strawberries.
2. In a bowl, pour in gelatin powder and brown sugar into 150ml of cold or warm water, place the bowl over a hot water bath, stir till all contents dissolve. 
3. Wait till the gelatin-sugar mixture cool, then slowly pour in the low fat milk and yogurt, mix well. Subsequently, add in the diced strawberries. Remember to stir the mixture slowly to avoid bubbles forming.
4. Pour the final mixture into a cup, cover it with cling wrap, and cool in the refrigerator. Decorate with strawberries before serve. 

Dietitian’s Tips: 
Dairy is rich in highly absorbable calcium, moreover pairing it with vitamin C-rich strawberries can boost its absorption further. Pair this pudding with your favourite fruits for variety. This healthy no-fuss recipe replaces cream with the healthier yogurt and low fat milk, for lower calories and higher nutritional value, and is sure to be a hit on the dessert table!