When I first told my family that we will be heading to Ipoh to experience glamping at the Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT), my children Cedric and Clarissa literally jumped up and down not bothered about what it is but they knew it’s definitely some amazing place. But my dear hubby and the rest of the family were clueless simply because my family didn’t understand the word ‘glamping’. What? Yes, you are wondering too, right? 

Glamping is defined as camping glamorous, yeah you got it right - glamorous camping! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, no more worry about sacrificing comfort when camping outdoors. Camping outdoors under the stars comfortably is a new and trendy way to experience the great outdoors without having to build a fire or unroll a sleeping bag. 

And our family holiday began in style!

We went there as one big family - along with my sister’s family. The more the merrier isn’t it? When we got there, we were greeted by the friendly staff of LWOT. We were given a dark blue tag each. He took us on a buggy ride on a tour to our accommodation which is located inside LWOT. Along the way, he pointed out some of the attractions that we could try out later on. 

Our glamping tents lie on a grassy land overlooking a serene lake surrounded by lush greeneries and breathtaking limestone features that are 400 million years of age. Lost World of Glamping is truly a ‘lost paradise’ that unites all group of ages to be one with nature. You won’t feel it until you’re there up close to experience it. The view itself captivated our hearts even before we unpacked our bags and settled down into the tent. According to the staff there, the Boga lake used to be an actual tin mining lake with the depth of approximately 2000 feet. It’s not a man-made lake, it’s one of the nature’s great attractions that the park has to offer.

Our glamping experience packages include luxury canvas tent that is similar to a great hotel stay. Each tent has 1 king size bed and 2 single beds. It comes with bed linen, power sockets, fan and entrance pass to Lost World Of Tambun and Lost World Hot Springs and Spa. Not to mention complimentary buffet breakfast coupons. What else do you need? Oh yeah, the only disadvantage is having to walk a distance from the tents to the bathrooms that are equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms.

First-day Glamping – Fun time!

After settling in, we didn’t waste our time lazing around. It was straight to the theme park for fun and games. Beginning with Lupe’s Adventure, a roller coaster ride which we think is a “must-ride” attraction in the theme park, then off to the Dragon Flights ride where we got swung in the air in a swing chair ride. All the adults in the family became kids again for sure. 

We had to take a break from the fun dry games as our tummies started grumbling. It was teatime, so we headed to Dulang Tea House - a unique tea house that stands against the backdrop of a 400 million years old limestone caves. We had coffee, tea and toast served in a good old-fashioned way. A little step further, we experienced the bygone era of Malaysian history, the Lost World Tin Valley. The children really got excited trying out the ‘dulang’ washing activities. Tin mining takes you back to the past, a time where ‘dulang’ washer panned by the rivers to feed their family. Surely, it brings us back in time to the glory days of tin. However, trust me, it was not easy, I had a backache being a ‘dulang’ washer for a couple of minutes. Good experience though! 
Then, we met the Siberian tiger at the Tiger Valley where we were entertained with the tiger feeding show. We learned how the tiger was fed and how aggressive it can be if it really wants its food. Just along the Tiger Valley, we walked the Porcupine Trail where we saw porcupines, and serval cats with the largest ears and longest legs we’ve ever seen. They looked similar to a cheetah! 

Next, we headed to the water park, enjoyed the beach waves and had fun playing slides and water cannons with the children. Our whole evening was spent soaked up in the water. Dinner was served at the Lost World Onsen Noodle House. This noodle house allows its guests to cook their own udon and soba noodles the natural way using hot spring water that is rich with minerals, thus beneficial for our health. With a wide variety of dishes to choose from and the experience to cook your own food in a fun way, definitely created new experiences for us.

At night, lots of fiery entertainment to feast your eyes! Yes, we got amazed at fire eaters band, jugglers, and percussionists who perform and tricks with fire. Followed by a show titled ‘Malayana Story’ – an entertaining dance by Malayana Warriors.

Second-day Glamping – A Great Start To A Great Day!
After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to a spectacular view of the majestic limestone hills, the crisp morning air, birds chirping and the calmness of Boga Lake that gave us the inner peace and strength to conquer yet another day.    

After a yummy breakfast buffet at the Garden Terrace, some of the members of the family decided to explore ‘Gua Datuk’, while the rest of us decided to simply have fun in the water and enjoyed the rest of the games and activities. It was almost noon when they came back from their cave tour and started sharing their experiences with us. They said they had to walk deep into the lush forest for about 15-20 minutes until they reached the entrance with a signage of “Gua Datuk”. Inside the cave, they saw beautiful granite walls, found old relics such as basket and wooden ladder probably left by those who came to collect bird’s nests. Deeper inside they came across an old shabby wooden chair which was left by Malay Warrior, Datuk Panglima Ngah Ghafar and other interesting stories that made me regret not joining them. Well, there’s always next time!

We had our buffet lunch that was prepared for us at the Lost World Ipoh Street, a mini food terrace that serves all of Ipoh’s delicious local favourites. After a satisfying meal, we wanted to challenge ourselves to do kayaking and zipping our way across 120 meters long cable over the beautiful Boga Lake. The Zip Line - was indeed fun!

As the day came to an end, we were totally exhausted. But wait, another surprise awaits us! Yes, a personalized barbecue night by the campsite. The staff sets a fire-pit for the barbecue and brings us half-cooked ingredients which included chicken skewers, chicken wings, prawns, sweet potatoes, sweet corns, fish and fried rice. A delicious grill evening well-spent together as a family! Camping and barbecue – a good combo for sure!

Third-day Glamping – Say ‘Good-bye’!

Waking up to another day at LWOT was simply awesome. It was our last day, so we took time to enjoy every bit of our stay, making it worthwhile. All in all, it was a very tiring yet rejuvenating outing especially after ending the day relaxing in the pool of natural hot springs at the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa.

The whole team at the LWOT took wonderful care towards the guests staying there. My special thanks to Ms. Azwa of LWOT who warmly welcomed us and made our stay as comfortable as it could possibly be. Thank you!

For more information on Glamping at Lost World Of Tambun, log on to the Tambun’s website and Facebook page: http://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/glamping/  www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.