Top 5 Attractions for Kids in Kuala Lumpur 

Finding some of the best places to bring your children for a short holiday over the weekend is always a struggle for every parent. If someone asked me what are the interesting places in Kuala Lumpur that she and her family can have a jolly good time, I would be stumped, unless I have done some checking first.Off hand, I may be able to rattle off some places, but the question is, are those places kids-friendly or not, especially for parents with babies or young children. 

There are many things to consider, such as whether or not the place is kids-friendly or adult-oriented, are there food outlets that please the palate and are easy on the wallet, the list goes on.I have two young active kids - Clarissa aged five and Cedric who is seven. Dear hubby and I decided to take our children to check out some of the places and the ones highlighted below have our vote of praise, based on how much our kids enjoyed themselves and we, the adults, had an equally great time.

Here are five of our top favourite "hot spots" in no particular order, that offer a child-friendly environment, fun atmosphere, convenience in aspects of parking and other basic amenities, and have certainly earned our Seal of Approval! 

Sunway Lagoon – Excitement All Around

Patiently, my husband and I have waited for our children to grow tall enough to be able to go on most of the rides that come with a height criterion. So, when they hit the magical 110 centimeters, we couldn’t be happier. We thought it's time to get some splashing thrills.  

When we arrived at Sunway Lagoon, the excitement kicked in immediately. We were greeted by friendly staff members and the park was clean although it was quite packed with visitors - that's actually a good sign. Our family of four were game to try out all the rides, but we did not want to get drenched first. Hence, we started off with the children's rides. I am happy to report that there was high priority placed on the safety of the children in the myriad of games and rides, which is definitely good news for all parents.  

Our kids embarked on their journey of fun, playing in the dry park such as the carousel, Captain Kid's Candyland and the Apache Pots. Lots of spinning indeed, but amazingly, no one seemed to be the least dizzy! From there we moved on to the Wild Park. The children got totally pumped up seeing the rare white lions, white tiger, bear and other exotic creatures - all housed in the mini zoo in the theme park.

After all the "land fun", we adjourned to the wet park to soak ourselves silly and explored all the fun rides at the SpongeBob Splash Adventure and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon ... pure blissful indulgence for the entire family.

Petrosains Discovery Centre – Fun Learning

Petrosains is an interactive science discovery centre that entertains and educates people of all ages. This place appeals to both the young, the old and the in-betweens, as it holds many wonders related to science and discoveries that never ceased to amaze.

We were warmly welcomed by one of the officers, Puan Nur Afiqah, who took us on a tour of the place and sportingly entertained our queries from the Dark Ride to the 3D Theatre. 

The children showed much enthusiasm and were eager to learn, touch and play with the many aspects of science, especially the mini science show that captured their young imagination; and perhaps inspired them to be the next generation of scientists. 

It did not go unnoticed (by me) that the place is designed for everyone's comfort and it is baby-friendly too, with the provision of baby strollers and a room for mothers to attend to their infants' needs. How cool is that? Petrosains Discovery Centre ensures comfort for all.

KL Bird Park – Great Meeting With Our Feathered Friends 

Have you ever wondered where you can find the biggest outdoor covered aviaries amidst our concrete jungle? Fret not, just check out the World Largest Free Flight-Walk-in Aviary with 20.9 acres of verdant valley terrain waiting to be explored. 

It is the only place that we, as a family, have been to where there is plenty of different species of birds that are close enough for you to touch. It brings one close to nature and would be added bonus for people who embrace nature and have deep interest and love for our feathered friends. 

Flamingos, storks and peacocks appeared to be just wandering freely and living together in harmony. As we strolled through the well-kept and well-landscaped park, the birds kept us company, following us fearlessly. Our children enjoyed themselves feeding the birds as well as watching the bird show.The park is not only clean, it is also safe for the young ones to mingle with nature. 

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur – Real-Life Experience 

My children were literally jumping with joy upon learning that I was going to bring them to Kidzania, a place that can "fulfill their wish" to become whoever or whatever they want to be. The indoor family edutainment centre offers interactive learning and entertainment experience for kids in a kid-sized city; enabling them to experience their ambition and meet new friends. Simply wonderful!

The kids had loads of fun pretending to be a doctor, pilot, delivery boy, fireman, entertainer, mountain climber, scientist, and so much more. It provided a platform for them to live their ambition ... a journey of learning while playing to be cherished. 

No matter what kind of dream ambition they indulged in, the children's safety is assured, so dear mum and dad can have peace of mind. 

Skytrex Adventure – Up to the Challenge 

Although our children are still at that tender age, we never prevented them from engaging in adrenaline-pumping adventures. As modern-day parents, we want our children to grab any opportunity to explore, learn and experience new and challenging things.Visiting Skytrex was one of the things on our to-do list and we had no excuse other than putting on our sneakers and making our way there as a family. 

With three courses to choose from - Little Adventure, Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge - we picked the Little Adventure as we knew we were no better than a baby learning to crawl when it comes to flying fox. Armed with a can-do spirit, we took up the challenge and yeah, we did it with the kids excelling in it. With proper guidance from the trainer and safety features to be followed, there is no insurmountable challenge that we could not overcome. 


In conclusion, I would gladly share that all the places that we have visited are ideal for the family to have a relaxing good time as they are kids-friendly coupled with safety precautions in place.

So, the next time you are planning for a short break, check out the above mentioned places for family fun and bonding without breaking the bank. A family that holidays together stays together.